“Preserving peace through strength deters potential aggressions, while proving capabilities supports our strength.”
Robert Kaindl, innovator


VisArma® WEARABLE safeguards individuals from becoming harmed through targeting.
VisArma® STATIC monitors for threats and proactively protects populations en masse.
VisArma® has developed threat identification devices, methods, and systems to detect, identify, and track a targets location, range, and movements, to neutralize an imposed threat…
GOT YOUR 360™ achieves precise radial source coordinates to systematically locate a posed threat with rapid force.
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO™ builds public confidences to venture out by entrusting in emerging security innovations.
STOPPING POINT™ assists First Responders by guiding searchers in zero visibility conditions with real-time lifesaving solutions.
PULSESHIELDS® incorporates close-zoned impulse announcements by shortening “quick-twitch” reactive defense timelines.
SPACESHIELDS® delivers simultaneous regional efficiencies to safely secure proposed mass targets from becoming actual victims.

Welcome to the Security of VisArma®

“Evil is Powerless if the Good are Unafraid”
Ronald Reagan, President of the USA


Wearable Tactical Technologies


We can map the Moon... We can map Battlefields... now, We can map “Ghost Trackers”... PulseShields ® technologies provides this tactical advantage by providing soldiers with alerts and warnings that they are actively being Ghost Tracked. In return, they are able to send out Close Air Support to take care of their little problem...

“VisArma® provides soldiers the ability to identify being “Ghost Tracked”… in turn, the enemy won’t realize that we already have their range and position… becoming our tactical advantage…”
Robert Kaindl, innovator


Targeting Terrorists

“Terrorists will become aware that SpaceShields® technologies will drastically reduce successful targeting timelines, while minimizing their own escape opportunities… then in turn, they themselves will become the hunted.”
Robert Kaindl, innovator


Isolating Threat Locations


The SpaceShields® platform requires isolated sensing areas around the system in order to identify a threat. How SpaceShields® does this is through ZoneTubes™. ZoneTubes™ may rotate about the base or the electronics and sensors may travel independently within the ZoneTubes™, inwards towards the housing or outwards towards the opening of the tubes. Proper timely sensing depends on the autonomous operational needs required to find an active threat, to keep people from being harmed within a Stadium or public gathering areas.

“The perception of an autonomous ‘Extra Set of Eyes over the Ground’ would have reduced combat stress reaction and PulseShields® would have allowed our unit to recuperate and take a breath.”
Redacted, Army Ranger


Proximity Alerts


PulseShields® platform provides a tactical advantage over hostile conditions and environments by locating and identifying a probable threat, in advance of a probable ambush. Integrating “Friend or Foe” user-protection technologies identify friendly's through utilizing wearable integration. Autonomous physical pulse announcements provides soldiers with the knowledge of advanced threat detection abilities by locating specific source threats by electronically tracking or clearing a range, proximity or area from possible risk.

“In riot incident operations, LightShields® provides instant chain of command solutions by compressing reaction timelines in an effort to protect our officers, over previous antiquated voice generated direction methods.”
Redacted, SWAT Team Leader


Broadcast Announcements


LightShields® broadcasts visual alerts outwards onto an environment with illuminated information or a warning device to onlookers in order to protect the user. LightShields® may provide coordinated protective lighted visual broadcasts in an effort to synchronize an individual or within a group effort in offense or defense. In example, with “Blinding on Demand” forward facing 3,500 lumens spotlight against a advancing riot line or in defense of an event through broadcasting information from a users rear facing lighted back panels.

“When Seconds Matter and Essential becomes Critical….  StoppingPoint™  may be the absolute difference between Life over Death.” 
Redacted, Battalion Chief


First Responders Solutions


StoppingPoint™ has expanded the VisArma® threat detection platforms into assisting First Responders by locating, announcing then guiding searchers to their target with this real-time directional lifesaving recovery solution.

“LightSafety® provides interactive wearable’s by entrusting expanding innovations and allowing a user to choose exactly how they wish to protect themselves from possible threat incidences.”
Robert Kaindl, innovator


Protecting Civilians


LightSafety® provides citizens with predetermined autonomous announcement abilities that provide threat avoidance information to the user, prior to an unexpected incident... Currently, pedestrians and civilians have limited ways to signal their presence through intended or unintended activities towards others. Similarly, pedestrians also have limited ways to detect the presence of other people’s activities either intended or unintended in relation to physically harming people.

“The VisArma platform is so powerful that it will change the trajectory of personal threat awareness.”
Robert Kaindl, innovator

VisArma® identifies that a hostile risk is only overcome by the ability to deliver immediate active solutions to a threat, in response. Defending oneself from avoidable threats are intuitive to perceivable and predictable outcomes. In example, the VisArma® “SpaceShields®” platform provides instant defensive solutions in response to a threat, supporting probable victims, such as individuals or people in public gatherings or stadiums. By instantly locating a threat, isolating a threat, broadcasting a threats location while simultaneously providing probable targets with a predetermined real-time exit strategy is now an achievable solution for populations. Furthermore, directing the correct predetermined situational countermeasures in response to a condition are well within the “SpaceShields® ” platforms scope. Additionally, painting an electronic signature onto the threat (face, body and gait of walk or run) will assure capture upon the present attempted escape or if needed, this network will identify and capture them later in an airport as they try to escape.

VisArma® is a “Peace of Mind” series of innovations that provide multiple active methods and devices that offers real-time threat identification, threat-centric countermeasure options, personal defensive posture awareness’s including assuring efficiencies within favorable responsive reactions, relating to a hostile environment. Additionally, various VisArma® platforms introduce multiple simultaneous overwhelming dilemmas that a shooter is instantly forced to overcome, prior to targeting people.

Surviving terrorist targeting will require an evolutionary paradigm shift within the human psychology. Terrorism risk assessment conditions will demand that present populations must adjust their behaviors and forcing them to update personal motivations by creating newly learned conditioned responses. The relative advantage is by empowering people [themselves] to control their own threat outcomes by entrusting and relying on advancing technologies. Learning how to thrive in ambiguity, chaos and hysteria within a threat environment will influence favorable outcomes as an individual or as a group. Knowing how operational spaces around ourselves have changed within our environment and how to react to any posed threat, will in turn provide several successful solutions for threat survival.

(ATIS™) Autonomous Tactical Identification Systems™, (ASE™) Anticipatory Sensory Equipment™, (TAC™) Threat Awareness Countermeasures™ are at the forefront of becoming the new standard for survival. Utilizing quantum computing technologies through (UID’s) Unique identifiers, (IoT) Internet of Things, (AI) Artificial Intelligence  and (5G) Fifth Generation super-fast devices working in unison, will afford future societies confidences by minimizing terrorist opportunities from advancing successes.

VisArma® presents our Wearable and Static technologies network..