VisArma is an alert safety system that identifies personal threats upon the Military and our Police personnel




"Terrorists will become aware that VisArma’s technologies will drastically reduce targeting timelines, while minimizing their own escape opportunities."
Robert Kaindl, Innovator

VisArma® is a "Peace of Mind" platform series of innovations providing active threat countermeasure systems, methods and devices that offers threat identification, personal defensive postures and efficiencies within responsive actions relating to a hostile environment.

VisArma realizes that hostile risk is only overcome by the ability to identify the immediate physical threat with an active solution in response. Defending oneself from avoidable threats are intuitive to perceivable and predictable outcomes. The VisArma SpaceShields platform provides instant defensive solutions in response for probable victims, such as individuals or people in public gatherings or stadiums. By instantly locating a threat, isolating that threat, providing a predetermined exit strategy solutions for populations and directing a situational countermeasure response condition are well within its scope. Additionally, painting an electronic signature onto the threat will assure capture upon attempted escape, if needed. Anticipatory Sensory Equipment (ASE), Threat Awareness Countermeasures (TAC) and Autonomous Tactical Identification Systems (ATIS) are at the forefront of becoming the new standard for survival in future societies while minimizing terror opportunities. VisArma is a real-time active threat identification and guidance system that utilizes our patented static and wearable technology platforms.

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"Action to Reaction" Active Threat Awareness...


VisArma® trademarks include PulseShield, Pulse Shield, PulseShields, Pulse Shields, SpaceShield, Space Shield, SpaceShields,
Space Shields, LightShield, Light Shield, LightShields, Light Shields, Light Safety and LightSafety.
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