Targeting Terrorists

“The VisArma platform is so powerful that it will change the trajectory of personal threat awareness.”
Robert Kaindl, innovator


An unfortunate aspect of modern society is the capability of people to successfully carry out acts of terrorism wherein a single person can cause a significant loss of life. Such acts of terrorism are commonly directed to locations where groups of potential victims assemble en masse, such as an open air concert venue, a stadium, or other public gathering areas, for example. In such situations, the perpetrator of the threat can use any number of devices to cause harm to others in rapid succession, such as blunt force trauma weapons, guns, or biological toxins, among others.

Space Shields® militaristic design will prove perceptible as an ominous deterrent, whilst defiantly challenging a terrorists aggressions prior to firing a single shot. Space Shields® instantly locates various terrorist threat sources and will provide a variety of predetermined countermeasures in response. Space Shields® will prove to reduce probable targets from becoming actual victims within public events, open air gatherings or in stadiums.

The following is a brief introduction and overview of the VisArma® “STATIC” functions.

ATIS – Active Threat Identification System

Designed to detect and simultaneously transmit the active threats location covertly, through vibration, sound, infrared or visible light. Choices of determined detections methods may choose to identify muzzle flash, pressure waves, shock waves, radar signatures, infrared and thermal signatures of a bullet, projectile or missile after a weapon has been fired or launched. Electromagnetic wave identifiers may measure a reflected supersonic or subsonic shock wave source, as required. Passive or autonomous reactive capabilities target threat responsibilities are to identify, target, broadcast or neutralize.

Directional long ranged protection is designed to operate within a stadium, function or public gathering areas. Vectored threat alert systems surrounded within congested areas, airports or controlled zones within an area needing surveillance may be quickly accomplished. The VisArma® platform is capable of “spot sensing” individual surveillance zones. All zones are capable of being independently surveilled while additional simultaneously threats arise as cued. Identifying active threats while broadcasting the threats direction or location will further minimize the opportunities for the shooter to continue attacking and then expect to effectively escape, unscathed.

Most surveillance systems are highly labor intensive, overly electronic and exceedingly complex while having massively high directional failure rates, including false positives. These systems in some scenarios require an active sophisticated trained team to operate while active on site. Most direction location detection systems are over engineered by exceedingly complex electronics. Furthermore, the VisArma® Static platform removes over 55% to 60% of the electronics calculations normally used to simply identify the threats direction in other systems. Instead, VisArma® unveils threat positions then transmits defensive threat locations through specific means by using that redirected computational space more effectively. Reducing a systems workload through electronic complexities will in turn benefit efficiencies throughout the entire system, including redundancies.

This Static systems abilities to repeatedly provide instant multiple tracking determinations are created by splitting the number of threats into controlled separate zones. Base systems are capable of identifying, tracking and broadcasting multiples of separate threats simultaneously through the Zone Tubes™ platform. The VisArma® Static system may be operated autonomously, passively, activated remotely or controlled manually at the structure or from a security control room. The VisArma® Static embodiment additionally acts as a visual deterrent by the structures obvious physical militaristic aggressive presence.

VisArma® provides confidence within the group or individuals as an obvious deterrent to anyone considering firing upon a group or individual that is actively being sensor protected by this platform. Furthermore, the assurance of its visual presence of the Static housing will increase confidences in spectators by knowing they are protected by this system. Expanding incumbent platforms by reframing and rethinking beyond present innovation scopes is gaining traction by expanding new successful targeting performance conditions. In the end, this systems baseline goal in mind was designed to set the standards in keeping people informed, reassured and safe from harm.

For me, one a single open-air country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada USA on October 1st, 2017 changed everything… I knew that the VisArma® systems could make a real difference in people’s lives. That specific event accelerated my motivations to expand the patented VisArma® military wearable applications into a Static setting. I knew that I could identify the exact location of a shooter within nanoseconds after the first shot was fired, through a Static system. Providing effective countermeasures, predetermined exit strategies and plausible solutions to probable victims from becoming actual victims, would make a serious difference in many people’s lives.

My new focus was to find a way to get them, before the bad guys had an opportunity to get us… 1,100 bullets flew that night while targeting thousands of patrons within an open air concert while the shooter was securely perched unidentified or unlocated on the 32 floor of a far off hotel… From start to finish the entire massacre took less than ten minutes for the shooter to victimize spectators was at an astonishing 82% injury rate over the numbers of bullets fired. It took another 50 minutes for police to locate, isolate and then get to the shooter. 60 long minutes in total. Phone calls from surrounding hotel room guests shortened timelines from noise complaints to hotel guest services of which aided in locating the shooter faster. The shooter killed 59, injured 869 (413 by bullets). 928 music fans lives were shattered within ten fast minutes. Surprisingly, 456 people weren’t shot only to become injured by trying to escape the target area. Nearly half of all of the victims didn’t know where to run to, where to hide or which direction to safely escape to… Space Shields® is a patented Static system’s solution that will force a terrorist think long and hard before they consider firing their first shot. To know they themselves would be located within nanoseconds and shortly afterwards in turn, become the hunted… would in my estimate, be an effective deterrent.