Protecting People

“Light Safety® provides interactive wearable’s by entrusting expanding innovations and allowing a user to choose exactly how they wish to protect themselves from possible threat incidences.”
Robert Kaindl, innovator


Light Safety® provides citizens with predetermined autonomous announcement abilities that provide threat avoidance information to the user, prior to an unexpected incident… Currently, pedestrians and civilians have limited ways to signal their presence through intended or unintended activities towards others. Similarly, pedestrians also have limited ways to detect the presence of other people’s activities either intended or unintended in relation to physically harming people. Light Safety® provides pedestrians and civilians the solace from being a victim or probability of being harmed. Internal physical alerts or broadcasting external lighted announcements are second and third level security confidences within multiples of safety features provided by the VisArma® platforms.

The Military and Police applications extend from proximity sensory alert threat identification, friend or foe predetermination confidences, measures for avoiding unintentional casualties by friendly fire, real-time engagement alerts to avoid being ghost tracked by the enemy. Civilian applications protect large static group threat location through awareness configurations, individual static wearable operations, illuminated broadcasts to advancing personal technologies to including simple physical autonomous pulsing announcements to each wearable. Expanding beyond standardized technologies and supporting expandability is now proving to drive the future of personal responsibility systems for individuals or individuals within large groups.

Wearing unobtrusive interactive wearable’s from smart textiles, biometric smartwear, reflective technology to intergrading expanded functionality within clothing is presently unstoppable. The ability to customize and expand a system will support the users anticipated momentums that the user themselves choose how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Providing sustainable climates in support of learned attitudes through advancing human behaviors will further aid in trusting innovations as the real value difference in incident survival.