First Responders Solutions

“When Seconds Matter and Essential becomes Critical….  StoppingPoint™  may be the absolute difference between Life over Death.” 
Redacted, Battalion Chief

StoppingPoint™ is a active autonomous lifesaving tool, when nanoseconds are the difference between Rescue and Recovery.

StoppingPoint™ has expanded the VisArma® threat detection platforms into assisting First Responders by locating, announcing then guiding searchers with a realtime directional lifesaving recovery solution.  By dovetailing SpaceShields® and PulseShields® into a single embodiment, the benefits were astonishing.  Utilizing SpaceShields™ technologies that assist security details in Public Stadiums in locating, identifying isolating and tracking threat orientations with realtime countermeasures….  Then, providing PulseShields® innovations that produced physical threat pulse indications by locating, identifying and notifying the user of the direction of a threat.  StoppingPoint™ is disrupting Search & Rescue by simply locating people in dangerous situations…

Firefighters will now effectively rescue probable victims in heavy smoke and/or fire.  Search & Rescue and Smokejumpers may now find humans and animals within brush, mud or water.  While Ski Patrol will have the ability to find skiers under the snow after an avalanche or locate without seeing them through dense fog.  Utilizing micronized Zone Tubes® and PulseShields® technologies together in a wearable platform, VisArma® has created StoppingPoint™. StoppingPoint™ provides each user the capability to effectively locate then rescue the injured without delay.  StoppingPoint™ protects both, the active user under-search and the target being searched-for by efficiently locating them.

Minimizing our rescuers from becoming the rescued, benefits search victims by not distracting parallel team-members efforts on unintended tasks to focus on.  Sending in a company of Firefighters requires trusted procedures and confidences, if a downed firefighter situation does indeed occur…  Entrusting predeterminations to quickly secure survival of an entangled firefighter, as imminent.. is achievable…