Proximity Alerts

“The perception of an autonomous ‘Extra Set of Eyes over the Ground’ would have reduced combat stress reaction and Pulse Shields® would have allowed our unit to recuperate and take a breath.”
Redacted, Army Ranger


Pulse Shields® platforms provide tactical advantages over hostile conditions within dangerous environments by locating and identifying a probable threat in advance of a plausible ambush. Integrating “Friend or Foe” user-protection technologies will identify friendly’s or foe’s through utilizing wearable integrations. Autonomous concealed physical pulse announcements provides soldiers with the “All Clear” or “Precede with Caution” knowledge and confidences of advanced threat detection. Locating specific source threats by sensor tracking for clearing an approaching unsecured region will help an advancing soldier avoid a preemptive possible risk. Using Pulse Shields® is a tactical advantage.

The Pulse Shields® systems utilize proximity sensory alerts in order to pre-identify a threat through predetermined settings. The Pulse Shields® system may determine closure rates, speed of an approaching threat and if the course of the threat is actually targeting the user. Favorable defensive engagements through Pulse Shields® will provide advanced warnings of a localized threat, in turn, will favor our soldiers by knowing they are being “Ghost Tracked” by the enemy.

The Pulse Shields® integrations are a series of wearable systems that comprises the following safety innovations that are embedded within a wearable. This system utilizes wireless interfaces to create instant condition alerts though the use of surrounding internal pulsers. The user may operate this system using handheld controllers or autonomous settings depending on the sensors and settings required to identify a stated threat. Silent informational status detection technologies are embedded within a wearable in order to keep our soldiers safe from being ambushed.

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Developing the GOT YOUR 360™ protocol… delivers confidences in support of situational combat awarenesses as a baseline for identifying, communicating, protecting and the sustainment of SOP’s. This effort boosts critical core capabilities within each soldier by exposing hidden outlying threat locations while concurrently pushing dynamic tactical response agendas.

VisArma® provides synthetic biology innovations that enhance a warriors capabilities in strengthening “Know As You Go” scenarios, that we beleive are required to dominate adversaries through the utilization’s of our many responsive wearable technologies…. Pulse Shields® offers advancing surveillance technologies which delivers tactical advantages by providing soldiers with active alerts and autonomous warnings within wearables that announce they are being shadowed. In response, cross-functional teams could quickly take out the threat themselves or order preemptive strikes to neutralize the short-termed threat.

In an effort to meet emerging demands in support of rapid target acquisition technologies requires that efforts must be precise, responsive, reliable and effective. PulseShields® target location innovations allocates shifting a soldier’s assignment [on cue] with the potential to disrupt an adversary while converting the positional advantage back to the allies. ATIS™ – Autonomous Tactical Identification Systems™ delivers augmented confidences through relative 360 degrees of horizontal radials of protection areas while the systems include various 180 degrees of domed vertical protection zones. The VisArma® enhancements provides situational awareness abilities that support a [skilled] soldier to quickly recognize then set “Plan To Action” deliverables into action with predetermined conditioned responses. Motivated trained reactions from emerging situations generates increased lethality, precision, maneuverability and favorable situational awarenesses resulting in increased survivability rates within a threat environment.

These VisArma® achievements are complementary to ongoing performance initiatives that improve synchronized approaches to push modernizing our military’s standards and operating procedures into the future. Strengthening troop effectiveness are not only technical interoperabilities, but additionally human and procedural interoperability, which ensures that one soldier may fight along a unit while being separated from a unit in a swarm conflict. Achieving tactical advantages through adaptive wearable’s boost a soldiers confidences within battle. In example, if air strikes are ordered, the supporting pilots may identify friendlies from targets. A dislodged soldier may achieve the same cohesive successes within degraded visible spectrums while contributing as a crucial team member and while avoiding becoming a causality of war by airborne or ground based friendly fire.

Stepping up militarized modernization efforts is in support of rapid innovation development efficiencies throughout user touchpoint’s such as prototyping, demonstrations, experimentation and finally field analysis has clearly been linked to prompt battle superiority. This process is implemented to build effective testing methods to reduce the challenge of emerging technology transition shortfalls. Synchronizing rapid procurement while orchestrating across the entire future force’s modernization efforts… demonstrates shorter timelines to deliver newly introduced situational capabilities along with developing advanced learned behaviors. The VisArma® goal is to deliver balanced, deliberate and anticipate approaches to support implications from emerging utilization’s onto the battlefield… to harness warfighting dominance.

Furthermore, achieving expandability beyond Wearable platforms has proven deliverable into a Static platform innovation. The GOT YOUR 360™ protocol envelops disruption threat management and terrorist assessment preconditions with risk advisory consultations in support of all human threat survivability. Providing consulting support has proven to expand the Wearable platform into a Static threat solutions that are presently achieving probable victims response solutions [preemptively] from becoming involved within ambush attacks. Thwarting probable terrorists from achieving intended goals are achievable through predetermined ASE™ – Anticipatory Sensory Equipment™ readiness. In example, in an open air stadium (such as within the Las Vegas shooting) where spectators are unaware of threat conditions prior to entering a concert… the SpaceShields® platform provides visual confidences, knowledge and assurances for spectators to understand that they will be safe at an event. “Know While You Go” scenarios are finally achievable and comforting spectators within public environments. The GOT YOUR 360™ protocol provides multiples of instantaneous treat distractions forcing a shooter to recognize, deal with then overcome in order for they themselves to become successful. Firing off a single shot in a VisArma® protected Stadium’s presence will [in response] set off an avalanche of overwhelming countermeasures the shooter will have to manage. Proximity alerts, geographic detection, range and position location status increases the likelihood of being electronically identified, located and/or tracked will become difficult to overcome. Providing numerous counter-conditions the shooter will instantaneously need to manage for their own survivability or escape. Thus, distracting a shooter will provide the public more time to escape the target area whilst simultaneously allows predetermined countermeasure solutions to arrive quickly to neutralize the stated threat…

Military relevance has proven expanded opportunities while maintaining a common situational understanding within civilian applications. Offering-up unique perspectives and capabilities through proven talent management principles has proven to help transform wearable platforms into becoming available and beneficial to civilians. Promoting these applications are enhancing knowledge base, skill-sets, learned behaviors, accepting while entrusting technologies are surely benefiting the end user. These proven results should easily coerce a prospective user to reach their own desired preferences within the wearable marketplace. . .