Broadcast Announcements

“In riot incident operations, Light Shields® provides instant chain of command solutions by compressing reaction timelines in an effort to protect our officers, over previous antiquated voice generated direction methods.”
Redacted, SWAT Team Leader


Light Shields® broadcasts visual alerts outwards onto an environment with illuminated information or a warning device to onlookers in order to protect the user. Light Shields® may provide coordinated protective lighted visual broadcasts in an effort to synchronize an individual or within a group effort in offense or defense. In example, with “Blinding on Demand” forward facing 3,500 lumens spotlight against a advancing riot line or in defense of an event through broadcasting information from a users rear facing lighted back panels. In operation, during Riot Control conditions a commander may have previously used radios or hand signals to identify a weakness or security break within a riot line. Light Shields® now provides an autonomous option with an instant way to identify a threat in security and therefore reducing personal injury opportunities by increasing quickened response times for faster call outs for needed reinforcements.

The Light Shields® platform may also be customizable with lighted body protection devices through sensory broadcasts in order to assist a user with the benefit of a visual barrier [in separation]. Such as announcing to an oncoming driver of an approaching car that they have been identified as a threat. Additionally, approaching drivers may now easily see a police officer in the darkness on the side of a road as the officer is outside of his police car.

The VisArma® platforms include a series of wearable system for the public, comprises of the following intergradations within our wearables. The VisArma® systems utilize wireless interface to help create instant condition alerts in the form of external illuminated broadcast displays and may dovetail internal pulsers. In operation, silent lighted broadcasts will inform others of your presence. Light Shields® may be integrated with portions of the Pulse Shields® platform. Pulse Shields® delivers information on targeting closure rates of a threat, speed of an approaching vehicle and may determine if the approaching vehicle is actually driving towards the wearable. Pulse Shields may also help locate a user in distress through GPS triangulation if a user becomes injured. Pulse Shields® may also be manually activated if the user becomes lost or disorientated. Pulse Shields® may be activated manually or set to autonomously dispatch emergency support if the wearable senses a trauma, if life support is threatened or as some other predetermined condition is identified by the wearable.

Light Shields® may reduce becoming victims in unintentional accidents or avoiding the possibility of users being killed through intentional conditions. Light Shields® may help a user be easily seen and get noticed by using a highly visible lighting systems. Users may display personal, customizable or moving motion illuminated messages, if the user so chooses. Expanding beyond standardized technologies and supporting expandability is now proving to drive the future of personal responsibility systems for individuals or individuals within large groups.