Request for VisArma® Product and Services Acquisitions:

VisArma® has developed and made available to consumers a threat identification device(s), methods, and systems. This platform protects groups or individuals through proactive detection, identification, and tracking a targets location, range, and movements, to neutralize an imposed threat

VisArma®, innovations are not off-the-shelf solutions and are built ground up: Depending upon the VisArma®® services or products interest, each requirement or request is custom addressed specific to the threat or solutions sought. VisArma®, delivers solutions for each embodiment within the following platform offerings.

1) VisArma® STATIC monitors for threats and proactively protects populations en masse.

STATIC platforms provide long-termed solutions, include onsite visits not limited to engineering, installation, training, system updates, and continued management and service agreements. Static solutions are derived from SPACESHIELDS®, ZONE TUBES, GOT YOUR 360, KNOW BEFORE YOU GO product offerings. In most cases, the Static platform interacts with security detail Wearable platforms for active threat countermeasure solutions.

SPACESHIELDS® is the platform that delivers several simultaneous regional efficiencies to safely secure environments around a proposed mass targets from becoming actual victims.

ZONE TUBES are one of the many electronic tools that provide SPACESHIELDS®, its radial sensing abilities. Determinations of directional variances and quantities of units required, vary.

GOT YOUR 360 achieves precise numbered radial source coordinates to systematically identify and locate a posed threat. Providing assured rapid 360 force dispatch response depending upon specific sensing services needed or identified.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO builds public confidences to venture out by entrusting in emerging security innovations. This platform offers visual cues around a threat area and identifying condition awareness via favored methods for broadcasting spontaneous signals through LIGHTSHIELDS

IDENTIFYING THREATS, PROVIDING SOLUTIONS is our advanced platform that is being introduced in response to possible group events or an introduction to a physical threat’s source with simultaneous life saving countermeasures em masse. Depending upon the deemed threat sought, we are able to provide specifically targeted threat source values. Various versions of our sensors may identify specific conditions, individually or in concert with other VisArma® systems. This also covers drone capable bio-attack identifier platforms that require consultation support through GOT YOUR 360.

2) VisArma® WEARABLE safeguards individuals from becoming harmed through targeting.

WEARABLE platforms are entirely custom made depending upon the specific needs of each individual or groups of individuals. Wearables are custom made for each user for fit and demanded functionality. Wearable solutions include one or more determinations of offerings from LIGHTSHIELDS®, PULSESHIELDS®, STOPPINGPOINT to correctly accommodate each user or group’s needs. In some cases, the Wearable platform interacts with Static platforms for active threat countermeasure security solutions.

LIGHTSHIELDS® provides optional internal alerts with external broadcast announcement methods.

PULSESHIELDS® incorporates various close-zoned impulse announcements by shortening internal “quick-twitch” reactive defense timelines.

STOPPING POINT assists First Responders by guiding searchers in zero visibility conditions with real-time lifesaving optional solutions.

Request for Information Contact Methods:

You are invited to contact VisArma® via phone or e-mail to initiate an interview request for an overview appointment. This interview may request and/or require a DoD approval prior to receiving an overview appointment. International 206-422-2211, North America 1-800-677-7777 or e-mail